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ABOUT ME,…judging a “book” by it’s “cover”…

by johnedoe

I FEEL THAT THIS “MUST BE SAID”…but, I may be wrong,……

I want to share with “any and all” of you who have, in one way or another, (since I moved in here at “blogland”), touched my life, THANK YOU,…You have all brought many great things to my life, and I just wanted you to know this.

Sometimes I feel that we so easily forget, or maybe it’s that we just never knew in the first place, how much we as humans,…simply need one another. I absolutely believe that there is a very real and very loving God. I also believe that this God put this needing of one another inside of us from birth. I VIEW THIS “NEED” AS ONE OF THE GREATEST GIFTS THAT THERE IS.”

Why I think and feel this way is this….We are, for the most part, here in BLOGLAND, like little paper boats, with cyberink writing on the sides, that quietly pass in the night. No words spoken aloud,…and no noise made. We only know when another boat has passed by ours because we have made the choice to keep our eyes open and look for the others who may have come near us.

Some of these boats we see again,…again, in passing. When we do, we see that the words written on their sides have changed, so,…we read the subtle salutations,…and in doing so, we find “whatever” it is that the words there may have to show us. If we view what we find, whether great or small, as precious,…then we can grasp and store “these offerings” away safely in the “hold” of our own little boat.

Forever taking with us, little encouraging pieces of other sailor’s souls with us on our mysterious journey,…loving gifts which may warm our hearts on a cold and lonely night…which we have all, more than likely, been through in our lives. This can remind us that we truly are not alone on the sea of life,…and in the end, death.

I am very aware that I need you all,…and it is a very nice feeling. A somewhat warm feeling. Perhaps there is a chance that what I have written on the side of my boat, at one time or another, may be stored in your hold, warming you, as so many of your words have warmed me. But, that said, I don’t know, one way or another,…and perhaps I never will. And that’s okay.

I, in part believe, that I share my words with you, because of what your shared words have meant to me. I feel more alive because of you. I am really thinking about the feeling that I have at this exact moment,…it is simply,…LOVE. And I believe that LOVE is REAL.

Love is invisible, yet it is somehow able to touch and warm our hearts, and bring tears to our eyes. Comforting us…

Sometime, shedding tears, tears, which we somehow know for a fact, are not of sadness and pain,…rather, these are tears of happiness and healing,…perhaps this is what, joy, is???

The Words in the Bible tell us that “GOD IS LOVE”…..

It almost seems too simple of a statement, to be used to describe an all powerful God?

It simply says, “God is love?”….at this moment I think I truly understand the simplicity of words, all words, those words. Just three little words.

But, those little words,…have much power…I think I’m gonna keep those three words in my little boat’s hold,…right next to,…ALL OF YOURS……

happy sailing……..john e doe