“If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain”….

Posted: December 13, 2012 in christian, Uncategorized

“If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain; If I can ease one life the aching, Or cool one pain. Or help one fainting robin Unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain.” ~ Emily Dickinson


           I WOULD HAVE TO SAY THAT IT IS ALSO MINE. It makes me think of the movie, “PAY IT FORWARD.”

           Perhaps, “KINDRED SPIRITS”…perhaps,…”GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE???” Although the “GREAT MINDS” view sounds just a bit on the vain, and intellectual side to me. And it sounds cold.

           In my experience,…by and because our experience, and experiences, when combined and shared with a loving spirit and caring heart, although wounded, when honestly sharing our weaknesses,…our humanness,…this can actually be what is needed to help to free someone from the prison of their insecurities. And that “someone” may just be ourselves.

          By our willful telling and showing someone that they are not alone in can what so easily be seen (and having been experienced) as a cruel and cold world. Words of hope. Of the possibility that maybe there is a light,…thee light,…at the end of the tunnel,…the darkness is not all that there is. Encouraging someone, or anyone, or no one, while reminding ourselves, telling ourselves, not to give up. Maybe what we write is our way of saying, “don’t remain, just barely alive,…to live, (exist?) in the cold and lonely darkness.” But teaching any and all to learn to see the tiniest stars in the darkness of the night sky? Thus ensuring that we do not live in a hollow void. A void where there is no depth, no substance? Many times when we bleed,…others will show concern.

         Total strangers, sometimes offer aid. As if angels sent by God himself,…whether it be coincidental, or precisely timed in a supernatural way…as in answer to a prayer that one was so sure earlier that would simply go answered,…by an unloving God that didn’t seem to know, or even care at all that we existed. Thus,…through His silence,…leaving us to feel even more unloved and worthless,…and meaningless than we before we prayed for help…whatever His help is??? Perhaps these individuals that pop up out of nowhere are simply others who know what it is like to bleed,…ANGELS??? RANDOM STRANGERS??? But perhaps,…they are both???

         I know well what it is to feel my life blood as it slips from me, and I know how it feels to grow weak while bleeding. As if an hourglass sits, filled with our blood, and we all know, and fear, what will be the result when the last drop reaches the bottom. Like the sands through the hourglass,…so are the days of our lives.

         Do unto others, as we would hope that they would do unto us? I have found that I give,…what I need the most. I desire love. I do the best that I know how to give love. But,…even then, when we find someone who is wounded much as we are,…or have been,…on who brings us concern, thus healing,…to keep from the possibility of hurting that individual more,…we share what we can,…from the very core of who we are,…and then, with a heavy heart,…no matter how badly we may desire otherwise,…we turn,…and walk away.          Even if we realize that our heart has to sink so much in doing so, that we could easily step on it, if not careful. Is there healing in this? I believe there is. You see,…for our hearts to sink so greatly from where they once were, protected inside the hard and cold walls where it was once safe and protected,…then that means that “something” has broken through our walls. That something is called love. We find this kind of love through honesty. We give honesty, honesty gives love. Now,…our hearts having been exposed to the “light”,…God is able to heal our wounded hearts. Using the love of others to show others that He is real, that Love is real. And, also, and so very importantly, showing the one who is lonely and hurting,…that THEY ARE REAL,…AND THEY ARE, NOR HAVE EVER BEEN, FORGOTTEN……THEY ARE VERY IMPORTANT,…THEY ARE LOVED,…THEE LIGHT DOES EXIST!!! no matter what the voices in the dark try to tell us……those voices are lies.

        The right choice, is not always the easy choice,….as it usually isn’t what we want. Or hope for. Especially when the one who touched your life,…is so much like you. Someone that you want to know more about. There can only be a sadness of never knowing,…what if???

There was another individual much earlier in history who also said something quite close to this, if not exactly the same thing…who I will discuss later on in this writing,…maybe it means that in simply loving and encouraging others, or at least trying to,…then this is (is this?) where we find love,…Love for ourselves??? And acceptance of ourselves? Giving us a continuous and renewed sense of purpose???

But, IS THERE a very fine line here? I believe, and have learned,…that there is………

Now what???………………………………..

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