Posted: December 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

hey dad,…WATCH THIS…

by johnedoe

          Long ago, when the rest of the world was just going to sleep,…I would then be taking off from the safety of my home to ride my bicycle. Especially on the warm summertime time evenings in South Central Oklahoma…this was my time. There was an old K-mart store about two miles from my house. It closed it’s doors at nine p.m., so shortly after that, the parking lot was all mine. This is where I developed and practiced my freestyle BMX riding skills. (Actually, back then, freestyle had no labels, as it had not yet been officially developed as a sport, so, it was just me riding my bike,…)        

The emptiness of the parking lot, and smooth concrete construction allowed me to ride relatively unobstructed. I much preferred crashing on cement as opposed to asphalt. Skin slides easier on cement, leaving less meat and blood…

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