Posted: December 8, 2012 in Uncategorized


by johnedoe

THIS PIECE WAS WRITTEN QUITE A WHILE BACK,……this is absolutely not how i think and feel now,………..things change, especially when we choose for them to, and then, act upon our choices,………..

THE HUMAN MIND IS AN AMAZING THING,…a powerful thing. And also, even though invisible, and non existent, it is a thing which can not be escaped.

         Our brains reside inside of us, inside of our human bodies,…more specifically,…inside of our head. But, even then, this being a fact, it seems to me, that we reside, inside of it’s thoughts. Through and because of our, or it’s thoughts, where we can sometimes live in a reality which is dictated by our own brain. A reality, which can sometimes be a prison. Can this prison be escaped? Most of my life, I had thought so, but now, at this moment,…I just don’t…

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