walking in the light,…

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Uncategorized


by johnedoe

OK,…this began as a comment on a blog about what it means to be a Godly person,….and then,…one thought kinds lad to the other,…..and,…well,…you’ll see,…………..lol

A Godly person??? hhhhhmmmmmm… You know, with where I am in life now, I think about this question. Not a lot necessarily, but, mainly, I think about it in the sense of, do I, each day, and for the most part, all day, “whatever comes my way”, (if I allow myself to get knocked off balance) do I get my focus back to where it should be, and needs to be, as quickly as possible???

What I mean is…for us to have and be a “good witness”, by concentrating on who God is, and is to be, in our own life, as a Living Savior,…and in our drawing near to Him,…then our witness is an automatic result of where we stand each day.

I have found that in doing this, “drawing closer”, as an individual who is “working out my own salvation”, knowing that doing this is for my own good, first and foremost, and this is not said selfishly, by the way, then I have no worries what another may think of me.

Many times, brand new baby Christians are encouraged (or, pushed???) to go out on an instant soul winning, conversion program. This can be a very dangerous thing, in their “new” condition. Instead of encouraging their focus to be on their Savior, they can instead be taught to focus on people, in a “works” kind of way.

The cart can quickly be put “before” the horse,…and the new believer starves for what is truly needed in their live,…and for their life,… faith first,…works second,…

If our life ever shifts to where it is,… “works first”,…and, “faith second”,…then we can easily be “living our faith” under “our own power.” (doing what “we” choose, instead of what God chooses and wants for us) Jesus spoke of how “the wind blows where it wants to”, such is how the spirit of God moves (within) us.

There is no set in stone daily 12 step program of (hollow) motions to follow, when we,…through and because of our “faith first” attitude and focus,…simply yield ourselves to God. we are told that “bodily exercise profits little”…our human body, when self willed does human (fleshly/carnal) works, or, exercises, if you will??? In learning of, and walking close to Jesus, we are exercising “spiritually.” This is how we “go on” (forward) unto the “perfecting of our faith.”

We, as humans, will never be perfect, as it, in and of itself, “is impossible for us to do.” Corruptible flesh, etc,…

But, instead, it is through our faith, that we grow. And in growing, we mature. And in maturing, our witness is stronger and more “real”, to any and all others, day by day. We are solid in what we believe.

“When we were children,…we spoke as children” But, (action of faith coming up next) LET US “PUT AWAY” OUR CHILDISH WAYS. Correct???

To, put away, something, we have to make a choice to do so. Correct? When we “do not” put away our childish ways,…then I ask,…”what are we then? Or, what do we “remain?” We remain as a child, don’t we?

We read that “whom a father (God) loves,…He corrects.” Correct? In loving obedience, to a faith, which is to give us “abundant life”, if we are, “disobedient” (or perhaps, non-yielding), then what does the Bible tell us? It says that “God’s “wrath” is poured out upon children of disobedience”, doesn’t it? my redneck translation is,…WE GET SPANKED! LOL,…but definitely, NO LOL!

There are times in which, through and because of our stubbornness, “not only” do we, and, are we, missing out on our loving closeness with God, but we are also in a, well,…a constant state of correction.

Many times, this is when we, as humans, want to blame good old satan for causing our rough days,…(or God)…when,…in fact,…our rough days may be, “us just reaping what we sow”.

Are we walking by faith? If so, we are automatically, “sowing spiritually”, thus, we will reap, spiritually. But, the other side of the coin,…are we walking as a human? And “trying to think” (or, allowing our self to be deceived into thinking) that we are living a “Christian life” while doing so?

hhhhhhmmmmmmmm…so,…if we are walking in the flesh,…firstly,…and not walking in faith, “spiritually”,…would we then be (by our own neglect and willful choice),…in what we do,…in how we live,…and lastly, in what we “sow”,…be sowing,…to the flesh? If we are,…are we not told as a loving truth,…that we will be sowing to the flesh?

At which point, we are susceptible to correction, aren’t we? What is the Godly and healthy point behind correction? How about,…(simple redneck thought here),…a,…blessed life?

To be “conformed”, this is part of our maturing process, isn’t it? Or, a part of our overall, “salvation?” Maturing is necessary. But to mature, we must, of our own choosing, desire to grow. Correct???

If we are living in pursuing the desires of our flesh,…meaning,…satisfying our human wants, then I ask ALL, “are WE, as Jesus tells (lovingly commands) us,…TAKING UP OUR CROSS EVERY DAY AND IN DOING SO, FOLLOWING HIM?” This is something that every one of us as believers should absolutely give some serious thought and prayer to!

I am thinking of myself as I write this…I truly desire to grow closer to Jesus and thus,…walking in the light,…HIS LIGHT,…EACH AND EVERY DAY. I KNOW THIS TO BE FACT,…AS DOES JESUS. I say this in “no way at all” to make anyone feel guilty! I know how satan works quite well!

When words such as I have just written, are read by others,…”if” some of the others do not, and are not, desiring to walk closer to Jesus in faith, then “this is” when satan tries to have a field day by telling any and all of us, “believers” that we are, guilty!

If we give thought to these (untrue) accusations, and let them have place in our minds,….then,…it is going to be too easy for satan to continue on in our minds and tell us,…that we are NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

So,…because of our faults, our neglect, and our sin,…that we “should not even think” about “trying” to live a life of lively, healthy, and strong faith,…because we will only fail!

Listen closely,…..this is a lie. LIES ARE THE TOOL THE SATAN LOVES TO USE THE MOST! Remember this! And never forget this!

Jesus is the what? THE TRUTH. SO,…AS AN OPPOSITE,…satan is the what? THE FATHER OF LIES. Correct??? Do the scriptures say that “we shall know the “lies”, and the “lies” shall make us free???” No. But if it IS left up to satan, then that IS EXACTLY WHAT HE WILL TELL US!

And, if we believe his lies, we will remain locked in our own personal prison. As a “freed believer?” Why would we do something so stupid as this?

Jesus himself tells us that “none of us are good enough!” He took our place in the electric chair! (upon the cross) He rode the lightning in our place! IN JESUS’ DOING SO,…WE HAVE BEEN AND ARE,….FOREVER FREE! WE CAN (now and because of God’s mercy/grace/and forgiveness) NOW COME BOLDLY INTO THE THRONE ROOM AND HAVE COMMUNION WITH GOD! None of US WHO BELIEVE are guilty!

We, may have a Godly “conviction” which is not condemning guilt, but, instead, this conviction, motivates us to yield to a loving God. And in doing so, we get to experience the good gifts that are waiting for us all!

GOD SAYS THE HE IS THE “REWARDER” OF THOSE OF US WHO DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM!” have you ever read that? I say this in love, then, YOU NEED TO! We all need to! And then, do what we read!

Jesus is, and was our scapegoat! (google this!) Our sins were placed upon Him,…BY HIS OWN DESIGN. And these sins were forever removed from us! HE IS THE PERFECT LAMB,….GOD’S SELF PROVIDED PERFECT SACRIFICE!

{do you remember the ram from the story where abraham was told to sacrifice Isaac, his son? (I didn’t google this, so , are these the correct people in the story? thanks!) where was the ram discovered? What was on Jesus’ head when He was crucified??? God already had a way out, but Abraham had to have faith, didn’t he? Fact is, I am absolutely glad that I was not in the situation the Abraham was! We, as beliver’s in Jesus, have it so easy!}


satan is the “accuser of all Christians” but Jesus steps us as the one who freed us FOREVER from the guilt which we once lived under, (due to, and because of, the rules of the law)…and reminds satan that “who the son has freed, then we are free in deed! So, as believers, “IF GOD IS FOR US (AND HE IS!) THEN WHO CAN BE AGAINST US?”

Well, the word devil means THE ONE WHO OPPOSES GOD. SO? WHO IS AGAINST US?Yup satan,..so what? Again, satan is a liar! If you have truly received/believed on and in Jesus, as your savior, His Holy Spirit dwells within you!


Who is in us? Yup, Jesus. Who is in the world? Yup, satan…………

IF WE CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST JESUS WHO STRENGTHENS US,…..(WHICH I BELIEVE THAT WE CAN),…then wouldn’t that mean that we can walk daily in faith with Him? And follow him? While doing this thankfully and lovingly? Taking up our cross,….and maturing,….and in OUR CHOOSING to do so,…then we no longer live under constant correction? Well, I believe that is exactly what we can do. But, yet again, only in, and through faith.

Okay, I didn’t see this as being a 27 page comment, if I am in the wrong here, I want to apologize to you and the others. I’ll copy this and continue writing it for my next post. So, if you need to, or want to delete, no sweat! Ok? Again, sorry if you feel that I have not practiced wisdom, and restraint, ok?

So, do we ever “wonder” why God, does not seem, to be very real in our life? Why we can’t “hear” Him??? Or, why we can’t “see” Him??? There may be a valid and solid reason why we can’t???


And, also in Matthew 6, we are also “told to do this seeking first” (faith is an action verb,…do we act upon our faith???) Do we do this, every day!!!??? I ask myself, “Do I, myself, do this every day?” Yes I do. Have I always? No.

Now, someone ask me “this” question,….”hey john e doe, just how was your life when you weren’t (WERE NOT!) placing God where He is supposed to be and where you truly needed Him to be???!!!

MAN! THANKS FOR ASKING! THAT RIGHT THERE IS A GREAT QUESTION!!! MY ANSWER IS THIS,…MY LIFE SUCKED! Or, I’ll say it this way,…my life sucked!!! Yup, that about covers it!

And yield to God, and follow Jesus to do so, this could be referred to as “spiritual common sense”, couldn’t it?

So, faith??? hhhmmm,…maybe there is just a tad more to it? God’s spirit,…through our spiritual life,…is what is conforming us, to the image of His Son,………. not because we do good deeds. not because we dress like a Christian. not because we talk like a Christian. not because we go to church. not because we carry a bible on our dash. not because we wear a cross around our neck. not because we bow our head when someone says lets pray. not because we memorize scripture. not because we put money in a plate. not because we,…????????? wow,….that was kind of tiring! (see how our “works” can wear us out,…and accomplish absolutely nothing at the same time???)

Faith is because of nothing that we can or will do,…it is a gift,…a free gift,…from Jesus to us,…have you accepted this gift??? If not,…how are things going for you?

It’s as simple as believe and receive,…done deal. As they say in the baptist church I went to as a kid,…ask Him into your heart right now. His love waits. His forgiveness and acceptance waits. For all of us. No matter who you are. No matter what you have done. Whether good,…or bad……..

We are told that “Jesus stands at our door and knocks”,…I believe this,….

Many years ago,…..I opened my door and let him in,…and now, many years later…because of his mercy,…and his loving patience,…I am following him, again…with all of my, and in spite of my imperfections,…it’s true, ya know???? And this is a fact. A fact,…of faith,…HE HAS NEVER LEFT ME…NOR HAS HE FORSAKEN ME,…remember,…satan is a liar…

In faith,…the closer that we come to Him,…then the closer He is to us,…walking in faith,…(“not” by following our own works), then the more sensitive we are to the leading of His spirit, in this manner, our life of faith, is, and has (now) become,….a “spiritual” life of surprises. While we exist in a very real,…and very “carnal” world. Trust me if you want to, but I’ll tell you this,…from what I have experienced in my life,…GOD IS NOT BORING!

But,…I can’t prove what I believe to you. If you want to find out,…then you have to do what I did, which is,…just dive in,…FAITH FIRST!

I am thankful,…truly thankful,…more so than I have been in such a long time,…and it feels really good too!…my journey continues,…john


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