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THE MILKMAN,…always rings twice…

by johnedoe

This began as a response to a comment from another’s blog,…then,…one thing led to the next,…and a whole lot of things came back to me…waking that something up inside of me…so, I let, that “something“…get up and stretch it legs, so to speak…

I love being human! lol,…Why do I say this? I am writing “these words” now, “AFTER” SPENDING AN HOUR “HAVING ALREADY WRITTEN” the following words in this comment..I laugh out loud in a good way! A fun way! And in an encouraging way! (a joyous way)…..I’ll explain what I mean…or at least I’ll try to…

But first, there is something else that I feel that I “need to share” ..…******** and I “met” about two months ago. We met through, and because of, our blogs. One visited the other’s blog, and vice versa. We, in doing so,….said “hello” to one another. As if we were, and are, in a “church building” together. He and I, as believers, are “individual” members, of the “collective” Body Of Christ. As we, as believers/christians, all are! To me, this is very cool!

Also, in us “all” grasping, adopting, having, and then, keeping this “collective members of the “Body of Christ” view,…this allows us a “way” to understand, and perhaps more-so, to “always remember” who we are.

We are all different,… {I’ll blog more on this soon} but, Godly Love is found in our consciously and willfully and knowingly accepting one another despite our differences! What happens when our differences are held on to??? The result is what,…”DIVISION” I ask you now,…what are we told, in The Bible, by GOD, that happens to a HOUSE that is DIVIDED???

God tells us, (what “should be” obvious)…in saying, “A HOUSE DIVIDED WILL NOT STAND”……So, we “all” have differences. Period.

So, in faith, with our differences seen simply, as differences, then, if and when we are (and always remain) accepting of others, then this is when we “are”, who we are, supposed to be, and are “intended“ to be, and are “designed” to be,….and are, “predestined” to be, to one another! Did that make sense???

Ok,…let’s look at a little “simple” something that Jesus Himself tells us…He says, in the Gospel of John chapter 13… 34 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. 35 By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. Seems to be quite clear, doesn’t it??? King James translation or not. Correct??? Then, I ask us this question,…WHY IS IT SO EASY TO UNDERSTAND,…YET SEEMINGLY NEAR IMPOSSIBLE FOR US TO DO??? Lol,…you like that one, doncha!!! Lol {I’ll blog more on this soon}

Unity. (OF “ONE” MIND…OF “ONE” ACCORD)…in agreement,…in harmony,…

(check out the Book of (the) Acts (of the apostles)…and read about when the Holy Spirit powerfully rushed in (to a huge gathering) and 3000 souls were added to the faith in one moment! Groove on what that means and why! You’ll dig it! Especially when you “see“ the powerful importance behind it!)

This (“Virtual Church Building”),….oooooo, I kinda dig that! Lol (thevirtuachurcha…sounds Spanish, huh?) anyway,…sorry! Lol The “virtual church point of view“,…is how I view all of those who are “in” here with us!

Jesus tells us that…. “WHERE THERE ARE TWO OR MORE GATHERED IN MY (HIS) NAME,… THEN THERE IS WHERE I (HE) WILL BE ALSO”……am I the only one who sees this as being a limitless truth??? Pretty simple, huh???

Hebrews 10:25…(but read 23 and 24 first, if you wan to) 25 Not forsaking the gathering together of yourselves, as is the manner of some, but rather, exhorting one another,…and even the more often as you see the day approaching……

To “exhort” is to basically urge someone to do (act upon) something which is very important!!! To the point of which would be just shy of begging. Almost as if pleading due to the severity of which has inspired the urge…lol……when we view this in faith, with peace,…it will not appear to be an act of desperation on the part of the one who is doing the exhorting,…

OK,…LOOK FOR A POST VERY SOON ON MY BLOG ABOUT THE VIRUAL CHURCH!!! If ******** likes it,…perhaps he will re-blog it here…

The simple facts are these,…I consider ********’s blog to be my “church”…I say this, speaking for myself. As ******** knows nothing of what I just wrote. I also consider *********, due to his caring attitude, and his concern for “The Word”,…to be my “pastor” as well. As I have for some time now…the “pastor” view is mine totally unprovoked or asked for by ******** himself. I say this because??? If you only knew????? But then again,…how “could” you know??? Unless,…I tell you, right??? (funny how that works!!!)

IN FACT…as soon as I post “this comment”,…I will make another comment explaining what “one person“,…what “one human being“,…what “one saved sinner” can do,…and has done,…in “another person’s” life. I AM THE “ANOTHER PERSON!”…to me,…that one person,…is ********.

*********,..I WRITE THIS IN “NO WAY” TO EMBARRASS YOU! I’m sorry if it does,…and please forgive me if I have, or do, ok??? (I AM GOING TO EMAIL ********* AS SOON AS I POST THIS,…THE UN-HIDDEN REASON IS THIS. You see, *********, in and because of our faith (meaning his faith/my faith) in Jesus, is my “brother”,…and he is also my friend! (my new friend, but my friend none the less) And, I am also writing this now, “because”, ********* has been an encouraging Christian friend! Would I have been writing what I am now, “before”,…having met ********????” Well….that can’t be answered, as many questions cannot, when it comes to issues of and concerning faith and God’s many and unending mysteries,…nor does it have to be answered,…as the simple fact is,…here I am now…(but, God knows the answer,…and that is what really matters)

So, as for ******* as being my friend??? The facts are this,….He has been the “best kind” of friend that I (as a Christian) could have,…other than Jesus Himself, (Who refers to Himself as our “friend!!!” As well as, Our Brother…) And, also, I would like to say that all of you others here, are my Christian Brothers and Sisters as well!!!! And, if there are any “non believers” here???, Well,…you (they) are my “neighbors!” Simply,…you (they) are my fellow man. And I’d like to say that I AM THANKFUL, (TO GOD) VERY THANKFUL,…for “any and all” of you (them) too!

I desire to “share” God’s Word(s) of “encouragement”,…”WHILE SPEAKING” my words… this is my true desire. in my humanness,…I will sometimes fail. or, I may not say something clearly enough,…etc,….but this “does not” in any way, mean that I do not care. So, in advance,…I ask that you forgive me for those moments…..

We are told that “GOD IS NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS” The meaning of this is very beautiful, as well as, very powerful! It means that not one of us, is more, or less, important to God than another! For any of us to “truly grow” in our faith,…and thus,…growing closer to maturing spiritually,…then this scripture must be seen very clearly! And, quite literally, cherished!!! Perhaps more importantly,…it must be “applied” in “each and every one” of our lives. This is one of the things which we are to do,…In faith. We are to let nothing ever change the truth of this scripture.

His LOVE, Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness, Patience, Acceptance, etc, etc, etc, etc< etc,….is FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US!!! (Sinner or Saved!!! Jew or GentiIe!!! Hebrew or Greek!!! I pray to never let this “truth” be hidden, or forgotten in my eyes!!! FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD!!! When we let this statement “rrreeeeaallllyyyyy” sink in to the depths of our being!!! My God! Talk about TRULY BEING FREE!!! The Power Of The Gospel is therein!!!…

We are to “LOVE OUR NEIGHBORS AS OUR SELF” (our selves, plural) in focusing on Jesus,…we will love them automatically,…with no “conscious” thought,…SELF-LESS-LY…THIS IS WHAT GODLY LOVE TRULY IS!……..

And we will “simply” do this,…”because of”,…who “we”, as Believing (faithful) Christians, are. Period. And that’s beyond cool…what a surprising morning this has been…

As I write this morning,…I write with joy in my heart! Thus,…and, because of “what I am writing, and why”, because of the “bringer of my faith”,…(Jesus) I have true joy in my life!…thus the exclamation points! it is a very nice thing (for me!) to feel excited about something in this life,…especially when the excitement has to do with faith! More specifically,…MY FAITH!!! Please listen,…I am, IN NO WAY, screaming for you to listen to me….that is “not” why the exclamation points are in my writings!!! ok??? please understand this.

Do any of “you” have joy in your life this day? Do you know (understand) what I mean by asking that??? I ask you this because it has been such a long, long, time that I, myself, have had true Godly joy in “my” life! And I truly thank God for this gift right now! Joy is a “bi-product” of our faith….it is available for all of us. 24/7… Are there certain “tricks”,…or “techniques of faith” to finding and acquiring joy??? My opinion is,…I think/believe that there may very well be…I’ll share what I think they may be as I go. Ok? Now, it may be today?,…Or next week?,…Or two months, and eleven days from now??? I’m not sure exactly when,…but I will share………one day…until then,…I hope that you all also share with me…

As for me,…I would like to say, so I am going to take the time to say something else here,…SO,…I SAY THIS NOW,…THANK YOU, *********.

(I have just emailed *********, and I told him what I am going to post in his comment space here,……I also told him that if it “does not” mesh with the theme of his blog,…to delete it. with no hard, or hurt feelings from my end!

Whatever the case,…I have a clear conscience as to what I shared here. I have read, and re read what I have written,…a few times actually. Also, I told Joe that I would “continue writing on this comment” and then I will post it as a new “post” on my blog,…as there is much, much, more that I would like to, or feel that I “have” (inside of me) to share concerning it’s content,….but more-so,…about the “motivation” behind it’s content. Thank You all for your kindness and your patience)

This is where I originally started writing this morning…lol…

Now, I’d like to say that when I said that,…”what I said”, was not said to “be set in stone?” What I meant, (and what I still mean), is this. We can “learn and grow” as we “ponder” whatever another has shared,…that is, “if and when” we compare it to what Jesus teaches.

Meaning, in our “desire” to truly, and daily, grow “in the faith” (as an individual) then this is when “all things said” can be a source of “inspiration” for us all…even if the things said are just, “ponder-ments.” Or,…just “thoughts.”

So,…these are a few more of “my thoughts”,…these thoughts are inspired by the scriptures,…and by other people’s (very honest and human) thoughts as well…


Now, as are “many scriptures”,…this particular one has been the focus of many arguments concerning whether one is saved by faith or not…but that is not why I wrote it here today…but, I’ll come back to this at the very end of this comment, ok???

But for now, at this point,…I’d also like to “share” a couple of “first things first” things,…one of which is that “every word” that Jesus has spoken, has “so many” great things deep within them. There is, of course, the basic sentence and meaning,…and then,…there is “even more” beauty and truth when pursued further, and deeper. Much in the same manner with which one focuses a microscope…. In the Gospel of Luke, we are told to “DIG DEEP”, as this is where gold is found! Now, I “do not mean” to dig to the point where we begin to make up things to totally, OR IN ANY WAY, alter the meaning of what Jesus is saying. But instead, or rather, we dig (pursue) to “add some spice”, and or “clarity” to what Jesus/God says…

Another thing is,…which is something that I have shared “before” on ********* blog…which is this……

I “do not” quote (very seldom anyway) book/chapter/verse when I quote, (or, “rough quote”) a scripture. As doing this breaks (stutters) my thoughts (even more than they sometimes appear, lol, sort of?) I have recently, honestly let myself see and accept the reason why I “do not” do this. There really is a reason, believe it or not. lol

As well as,…why I “do”,…intentionally leave these out…

#1……For anyone who is reading this now, there is a very strong chance that you are on the internet,…(just like I am now) So, when I run across a scripture reference, I “GOOGLE” the scripture to “double check” what it says. In doing so, I am, in essence, and in reality,…READING MY BIBLE. this I do daily.

Also, MY BIBLE IS DOWNLOADED INTO MY COMPUTER. Very handy, by the way!!!!!! lol..…(check out “biblegateway” (P.S. I am known (to *********), as one of the,…“old people” who prefer the King James version…lol…thanks ********!!! Lol)

When we “pray/ask” God to “GIVE US THIS DAY, OUR DAILY BREAD”,…”IF” we “do not” read our Bible’s “daily” to “EAT OF THE TRUE (DAILY) BREAD”, as Jesus is the “BREAD SENT (DOWN) FROM HEAVEN”,….then will our “SPECIFIC” PRAYER(s) be answered??? (just a thought…)

We are also told that,…”ALL GOOD THINGS COME FROM ABOVE”…God’s Word is spiritual…”the manna from heaven” check out the importance of this stuff!!! Exodus,…

So,…I READ MY BIBLE DAILY,…and by doing such,…I am, “then, and because of”,…”eating/consuming”, God’s “spiritual food” (or milk, depending on what I am reading and seeking,…or, both,….(as it is “always a good thing” to be able to smoothly “wash down” what we are eating, doncha think??? It “helps” with our “spiritual digestion”)…….

There was a group called the “BEREANS”, who were “complimented/commended” (encouraged strongly to keep doing this!!!!) for their desire to have a solid stance/view/accuracy to, and of, their faith. (I think by Paul???? anyway) ….

#2…….Here is what I have “seen, or found, or discovered” too many times in my Christian life. (which is where my spiritual life comes from) Many of us, much too often, want someone else to “do for us”,…what we “should be doing” for our “self.”

{Have you ever heard the old “GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES” saying??? This is where it “truly” comes from. But over the years,…it has been used more in a worldly/carnal/selfish way as a “veiled attempt” to let someone know that you have no desire to help them. (not exactly a loving and spiritual truth any longer when meant that way,…is it???} Why do I feel, or think, that this is???? There are several reasons,…but in “this specific context”,…I feel the main reason, or actually, “lack of reason”,…is this,……

We want it easy. Period. (are we told to have “someone else” take up our cross, “for us???”……uuuhhhhh, no. no, we aren’t.)

lol,…but no lol,…we could call this, “The Convenience Store Jesus” mentality. Convenience stores are funny to me. now, I don’t mean funny in a “hah hah” kind of way, but in more of a “peculiar, or a strange” kind of way. And that doesn’t mean good. Why are they convenient??? Because we “get what we want” quicker. More conveniently. But, in and because of that quickness,…or that convenience, there is usually a “much higher price” for “what” it is that we are getting. Many times, the “brands” offered therein, are of “lesser quality” than at a good store. When we put “effort” into “our own” seeking,…then, “what” we harvest,…”tastes better”,…as it is appreciated more,…valued more…(or, at least this is how I feel when seeking)

We are told to (or “commanded” to) “WORK OUT OUR OWN SALVATION WITH FEAR AND TREMBLING”…….. If we truly desire to have, and ensure, a lively faith,…then these words must be heeded.

Why do I say this???

WORK out, SEEK out, and REASON out,…all go hand in hand…when we do this “in faith”…I have heard it said that this scripture “implies” that “faith without “WORK”S is dead.”

This is thought to be, and viewed by many to be so because the word, “WORK”, is used at the beginning of it…….in other words,…it is “thought” (or, “believed” to be such by some people) that this scripture means that we should “fearfully” be “doing” good works/deeds to “ensure” our salvation. This is not the case.

There is an ENORMOUS and LIFE ALTERING, (for the better and for the worse, depending on which we choose) DISTINCT DIFFERENCE between,……

A very good and healthy “GODLY FEAR!!!”……

AND, an extremely unhealthy “SATANIC FEAR!!!”…… {I will also post on these differences on my blog page very soon}

Simply put,…“Godly FEAR” brings us FREEDOM,…and even more freedom…and,…then,…more freedom,…and with this Godly freedom comes,…peace, and joy, and happiness, and increased hope,…and love,…and all things good!!!!! Etc, etc,…infinity………

Simply put,…“satanic FEAR” brings/causes us,…bondage, and pain, and hopelessness, and personal imprisonment, and torment,…and eternal and constant things that are bad,……etc, etc…

Satan(ic) “and demon(ic) influence” can be, and is, underestimated by too many Christians…I can not stress how bad for us all that this is to do…(yup, go figure, {I’ll blog on this asap, also}

I could keep going all night with what “satanic/demonic” fear does,…but not here,…and not now… {I’ll blog on this demonic fear at another time…}


ROMANS 8 13-17

13 For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die: but if ye through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live.

14 For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

15 For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.

16 The Spirit itself bears witness “with” our spirit, that we are the children of God:


SECOND TIMOTHY 1;7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

8 Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner: but be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God;

9 Who hath saved us, and called us with an holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began,………….

Our SALVATION is based on our FAITH. We are told that “without faith, it IS IMPOSSIBLE to please God………… We are “NOT” told,…without WORKS, it is impossible to please God…

I highly recommend reading all of “Phillipians chapter 2” prayerfully (and deeply) to see it’s meaning clearly…when we bring the attitude which comes from this message in Phillipians to “our gatherings,…with and inside of us,…this is “when” and “how” we, as Christians,…from all around the world,…find a Godly Unity… {I’ll be posting this on my blog soon also}

#3…ok,…so lastly, what I have been saying is this. For, some of you, to be able to better, or more clearly understand what I am “trying/hoping” to share,…then one “may” have to put “some” effort into getting the picture. And this “can” be done, by searching the scriptures which I referenced throughout my writings…by, and for, your,…self (GOOGLE, remember?)

So,…our Freedom In Jesus? Just what does that mean???

I write these words, (again I say) as my shared thoughts…I am sorry for my lack of “politically correct and classically/formally structured” writing style. (or lack of) I have had no education as to “how to write”, so I do the best that I know how (and, I am, very, very, very, very slowly, learning to structure (better), as I go. I hope.

Ok,…so back to the freedom thing……”freedom???”

I hate to leave you hangin here, but,….I’m gonna post what I have written thus far,…and then take a break before continuing. If you only knew how slow I type, you would understand!!! Lol,…no, seriously! Trust me on this!!!! I began pecking at this at just after 10 A.M. and it is now just after 5 P.M. (I gotta say,…that “almost shocked”, even me, as I just looked at my clock!!!! Lol…oh well, it’s cool with me……

I still do not want to stop writing yet,…and it is a very good feeling, but even then,…I’m going to post this now.

Now, I know very well, as I “already” said, that I write in a sometimes “challenging” way. So please,…ask me questions on anything at all, ok??? If I, meaning my shared words and thoughts, have confused any of you, and or, left you confused in any way, then ask me, and tell me, ok??? thank you all again!!! For every thing.

I will do my best to clear up whatever I have blurred. I am not, nor will be, perfect. I make mistakes…I sometimes have oversights,…these will become fewer as my confidence in the faith grows,…until then,…I need your help and encouragement…and, fact is,…I’ll always need your encouragement.

Jesus tells us to “LOVE EACH OTHER,..AS HE LOVES US”…the more that we read, is the more that we can learn about exactly how Jesus loves us,…miracles still exist…in loving one another in this (Jesus’) manner,…you will see them happen right in front of your very eyes…………………we all will

More later…

johnedoe says: June 16, 2012 at 2:13 am I told you that I would finish concerning what just one person can do in another’s life. This is that time………So…did you ever really think much, if at all, about how the early Christian church began? How it “really” got it’s start? You can see the answer clearly as you read the New Testament,…especially if you have read the “writings” of the Apostle Paul????

And speaking of the new testament??? The same way that the early church got it’s start,…is also,…how the New Testament was “written.” Now,…digging and looking just a tad deeper,…actually, lol,…one went hand in hand with the other. so……???

I just dropped a little hint above in the sentence about the “writings of the apostle Paul“, by the way…………

Paul wrote much of the New Testament,………and it’s kinda funny,….he was in a prison a lot of the time, AS HE DID SO… Is that a little odd to any one here at all??? And another neat (to me) tidbit, is this…Paul was (almost totally) blind much of the time,…so he couldn’t even see many of the people that he was speaking to!??? (another hint) I have to think that sometimes it might be easier to speak to people that we can’t see? Perhaps we, due to our human nature,…might be “less judgmental” that way? hhhhmmmm

So,…how then did Paul do so much? Especially given his challenging situations? Did you know that Paul never actually spoke, to many of those who he,…“spoke” to??? (THE ANSWER TO THIS WILL BE ANOTHER POST ON MY BLOG)

Did that make no sense at all? lol are you sure? ok,…..the apostle Paul,…well,……HE WAS A BLOGGER!

The words that he wrote traveled to those that he didn’t ever meet,…….not via the internet,…but via,…other messengers,…and message carriers,…

ok,…must stop here,…gotta call my little boy as it’s his birthday today,…..and also,…I’m gonna write him a letter as well……but,…I’ll be back as soon as I can……and yes,…this comment, though it appears to be about Paul,…is going to be about *********,…just like I said it would,… but there is more than one way to say what we have to say……

toksoon! Thanks again,…john e doe


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