maybe i shouldn’t??????

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

(organized) religion gives me the chills and makes the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up!!!! and what’s more,..I have very long hair, so I end up lookin like one of those little troll doll things that were popular in the seventies!!! No lol, no lol,…….

I just wrote a piece while waitin to hear from you about exactly what you just said,…..just writing for me. I have no desire to “earn????” a blogger award. I just want to speak freely, ya know??? I also know, or realize, that since I have no set topic and theme, that many people have made a quick conclusion and have gone for good,…..and,…thus is life.
There are the “religious people” (who want to think of themselves as christian) who think that I am the devil because I write “curse words, or bad words” in some of my writings,……………I really “should” pray for them more often I suppose???? lol,….Naw,…they got it all figured out already! lol if those same people had any clue about who I am,…and the life that I have led,…and the things (some extremely tragic) that I have experienced,…well,…things may be different. different for “them” anyway. I often wonder how many of them, given some of the situations that I have been in, and lived through, yet still believe in God,…….would themselves, have put a very large caliber gun in their mouths and blown the air out of their heads. lol, sort of………
I really like the honesty of your response to me about what “you” are looking for………..
Honestly, I’m not exactly religious but the ideas of unity, community and faith always draw me in.
I hope to find a balance between the ideas of religion, faith, and living a “good” life.
I love these words, ******!!!!! very much!,…unity, community, and faith,…are all intended by God, according to the Bible,…to walk hand in hand…religion is simply a way of doing things,…For example,…Catholics are very into outward motions, bodily motions (which in the Bible, are called acts (actions),…and works (what are mistakenly thought to mean good, or “godly” deeds),…in other words,…they, for the most part,….blindly follow their leader,….as they go through the motions…..when one is concentrated on their outward motions,….then their inward spiritual life (true and simple spiritual faith in God/Jesus) takes a very far back seat to the hollow and dead motions….to me, this is a tragedy.
If you want to, let me hear more about your last two sentences that i pasted above,….especially the last one. As many people think and feel as you do in what you have shared with me now………
okay lady,….have a very great day! And thank you so much again! toksoon?


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