ex private response letter to a new friend

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

I saw your comment,….thanks, by the way,…..the reason that I first contacted you and asked you to call is because I was hoping you could, in essence be part of my accountability group. I do not want to exist as an island unto myself,…nor the lone ranger,…….the “tidbits” that I see when I read the scriptures “will put me in line” for being labeled as a heretic. This I know. As I have been “there” before….do i reflect these tidbits to “stick in my thumb, pull out a plum,…and say, “WHAT A GOOD BOY AM I???????!!!!!!!” absolutely not!!!!

I was holding back much in the “writing which you just read” because of just that reason. and also,…because I hope to inspire others to go on a journey through the word of God,…and find the many beautiful things that have been right there waiting on us all,…for so, so, long now! our minds must be renewed! but,…myths have been passed on to so many as being scriptural and accurate “truths/facts” that we have been, perhaps crippled, perhaps blinded,…by the views and because of “their man made views”,…and by the biases of others “more scholarly” than ourselves who came before us.
I am sorry that you were mislead to think and believe otherwise concerning who I am and what I have shared. you may want to read my response to your comment on my post as well,….i think that you may,…if nothing else,….get a kick out of it!!!!
I have much more to say to you,….but I’ll break and pray now……..without prayer, and faith,…and continually desiring to die to myself,…all that I do or write,…then amounts to absolutely nothing, hippo!!!!! i truly desire to bring a message, un-defiled, un-adulterated, and un-perverted to any and all who so badly need it…..(perhaps “especially christians???!!!!)….so that the words,…”LIFE AND LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY” ARE REFLECTED WITH PURPOSE,….THUS ANSWERING THE QUESTION OF,…”WHY ARE WE HERE?????”
by the way,…..every word that i write and have written,…..i let the holy spirit use to cleanse and fill the inside of me first. wherein is found a true boldness,…without hypocrisy,….this is when people see and hear God’s Word(s) through the mouth of a dirtbag sinner such as myself,….which is the equivalent of God speaking through “balaam’s ass!!!!!!” lol hhheeeeeehhhaaawwwwwww……(it’s a dirty job,….etc, etc,….lol)

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