THAT’S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR,…if you only knew

Posted: November 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

johnedoe says:

What a cool day this is, huh joe??? I gotta say this to augustine hippo (cool name btw!) I so wish that I could write like you! Maybe one day???? But then again,…maybe not???? It’s so funny how we all speak with differing accents, mannerisms, inflections, (or whatever those are called?) etc,etc,….when I compliment “someone/anyone” on the way that they write, and/or, what they are saying,…it is in “no way” said to be flattering! Ever! I have seen so many,…too many “preachers/teachers” come crashing down to a horrific crushing! PRIDE BEFORE DESTRUCTION,…and all that, ya know???

But there is a fluid motion to your structure which is so easy to groove with! Mine, on the other hand? Well, not quite the same…The comments here today have been so full of encouragement (love),…and that is is powerful,…and in a big way! And in a  very Godly way! And it is very much EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED TODAY AS WELL! I am in no way joking about this. If you only knew! There have been times in my life when I just felt totally lost and actually hopeless. these times can sometimes be, only “a day after” being charged up and full of faith (optimism!?) and focus. We all get hit from time to time. I am who I am,…and my past is my past,…and my childhood tragedies and traumas are exactly what they are, and were, as well.

We all get hit in different ways,…yet still,…somewhat the same. By (hidden) design,…the way that we get hit is to pull our “attention” and our “focus” away from God,…and, for as long as possible! satan knows that if he can trick us to lose focus,…or turn, away, from where we need to be “looking”,…then, satan can knock us flat. satan has many tricks. Many deceits. And,…ultimately,…he has the best tool right in us,…our flesh. When I say flesh, I mean, our good old “self.”

Along with my desire to grow in my faith,…I constantly battle with the memories of my past,…..especially my early childhood. Even though I know that if I don’t battle,…I will be sucked backed in to the wounding from my childhood,…sometimes,…I find myself “back there” so quickly, it seems?

But today,….because of all here, on joe’s page, as well as other’s pages,….I was able to fellowship. even though it was online, I was able to be an active and involved part of the body. In whatever way? And that is fine with me. At this moment (for many reasons) these blog pages,…the words here,…and more importantly,…ALL OF YOU PEOPLE WHO ARE HERE SHARING, ARE, MY CHURCH HOME. Period. I say this simply. I am very aware of how much I need what you people are sharing…HOWEVER, IT IS ”SO MUCH MORE” THAN “WHAT” YOU ARE “SHARING”,…IT IS “HOW” (meaniong with what spirit) YOU ARE DOING THE SHARING………..true love covers a multitude of sins,…..this has been simply proven here today,….

I find myself not wanting to stop writing a this moment,..but,…instead,…I am going to,…at least for the moment,…I hope that you all think about (the ones who happen to even read my words, that is) what i just said,…in a good way.

 I am very thankful today. Very thankful. Not for “imagined” blessings…but instead,…for very real, and very real blessings… Imperfect humans, sharing the word (breaking bread, the true communion) in a loving and Godly spirit…as we write,…we, many times, with or without consciously knowing it,…are going from, “HOUSE TO HOUSE” (one another), AND WE, IN LOVE, ARE BREAKING AND SHARING THE “TRUE BREAD”,…(which came, and comes from heaven)…WITH ONE ANOTHER,…The words, “communing” and “communicating” sound alike for a very good reason,…

No matter how much we give,…when we give, in this manner,….we end up with MORE THAN WHEN WE STARTED! Funny how that works, isn’t it???

Back later…thanks you guys and girls,…as I said earlier,…you honestly have “no idea” how badly that I “was” (past tense) hurting…was,…past “tense”,…or, is it,….past “relaxed?”

  1. Joe Quatrone, Jr. says:

    You’re awesome, dude!

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