CLIPS AND PHRASES,…and stuff,…

Posted: November 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

I think I might have understood what you are trying to say, that you didn’t say, because you couldn’t say it. it is all good. relax man!… actually,…I wrote my own version of speaking the truth in love today. what i mean is this. Jesus speaks the truth to us in love. And accepting us, as, not just a brother, but as his brother, as well as, as a friend. Since he does this, in such an understanding, patient, and caring, and encouraging manner,…we can and will then, because of this assurance of the gift of Godly love, which we have been given, have a welcoming desire to let the holy spirit search inside of us and open our eyes, ears, and hearts to what we see about our, “self”, and what’s more, we know that what we have been shown, to and about us, has been shown, so that The Truth can and will strengthen us individually. This, in turn, gives us a “selfless” point of view. and more so, as we desire this daily. perhaps when paul said, I die daily, this is what he was doing, desiring, and experiencing??? humility, and freedom,…walk closely…in our spiritually renewed selflessness,..we then see others differently,…we see them as God sees them,…because we see much more how God sees us. Therefore,…we have a Godly and spiritual desire to accept and encourage one another,…instead of judge and argue because we may feel in whatever way threatened. when we walk by faith,…and not by sight,…then, in doing so,…there is no stumbling,…as we are walking in the true light.

lol,….uuuhhhhhh,….ok man,…that is my version!!!! lol,……was your’s sorta like that?

toksoon my bruthuh!!!!!

  1. johnedoe says:

    i’ll be back later to write more on, and in, this post,…………..truth is this,…..up til now, every “post” that i have ever shared were, and still are,…what i call my extended “rough thoughts”,…….i will be adding to them in the hopes of, (perhaps) creating a flow (???????????) but,….time will tell. anyway,….toksoon,…….

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