NO WALLS,…in the field of dreams,…

Posted: November 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

by johnedoe


I’m just kind of quietly reflecting on different things happening, and not happening in my life at the moment,…I have an odd sense of calm about me,…and I’m not entirely sure what it is exactly,…time will tell,…so,…I’m just restin and keepin my ears open,…ya know? This is very important to do from time to time, especially for me. I do not let myself rest near as much as I should,…or at least I haven’t until recently…but it’s never too never too late to start,…ya know? Well, unless we’re dead that is,…

As for the question you asked about the church in the park? As I mentioned in my earlier writing to you,…I…”myself”,…would enjoy that again. Very much,…

But, just because we may “enjoy” something,…does not mean that is what God wants for us or from us,…I will always have the memories from that time,…and the feeling of the surroundings and environment of the park,….there was also a lake right next to it. But,…I hope to maybe be able to,…symbolically,..with my writings, and maybe with my artwork as well, help others to create that setting in their lives and outlooks,…creating in their hearts, minds,…and attitudes,…to the point where it sinks deep into their souls…to the point of a new reality.

The feeling of the freeing outdoor, non confined setting, if you will. Where they will hopefully find a place of peace,…for them,…and all others that they may be able to share this with,…24/7 springtime. A place of love,…and acceptance,…and true beauty,…where friends and strangers can meet together on a common ground…in unity of the spirit, yet with, AND IN SPITE OF, all of their many differing superficial differences.

when Jesus gave the sermon on the mount,…do you think that he picked and chose who was allowed to show up and spend time with Him while they were seeking God in their lives??? I’m gonna say no. God so loved the “world”,..right??? That was the only “title” used in that SUPER POWERFUL SCRIPTURE,…THE WORLD=EVERYONE,….INDIVIDUALLY,….AS WELL AS COLLECTIVELY,…AS WE ALLOW OURSELVES TO DIE TO OUR SELFISH NATURE,…THUS GROWING MORE ALIVE SPIRITUALLY,…OUR EYESIGHT WILL NO LONGER DETERMINE ANYONE BY THEIR MAN MADE AND IMPOSED TITLING AND LABELING,…(WALK BY FAITH,…AND NOT,…BY SIGHT)….this is, or it can be a reality if we want it,….it is available for us all,….as it has been available to us all for a very, very long time,…..

What we “choose” to do with our personal faith in God,…and our walk with Jesus,…is totally up to us. We can blame no one for our neglect of such a great salvation…God would not allow us to do that and let our conscience remain clear,….we would not,…and could not have peace,…His peace,…if we were to practice such a lie as blaming others for the lack of what we haven’t allowed into our own life,…and INTO OUR FAITH…

So,…the church in the park? Just like in the field of dreams movie, the motto in it, is also the motto in the Holy Bible. You know it, don’t you? BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME. When we build our “symbolic” building,…our “spiritual” building,…on the “cornerstone of who Jesus is,…with HIS WAYS,…AND HIS THOUGHTS,…IN HIS SPIRIT, and attitude…with the FOLLOWING of, and of our YIELDING TO HIS SPIRIT,…THIS IS WHEN THE FIELD OF DREAMS (with no vision, man will perish) WILL BECOME A REALITY FOR ALL OTHERS TO SEE,…the light on the candlestick…THE LIGHT ON THE HILLTOP. Like moths to a flame.

Not a weak light, or a false light hidden under a bushel,…as Jesus tells us,…..or a false light hidden inside of a “church” building,…

A place where we can think that we have God in a box,…and all to our own denominational man made rules and regulations….satisfaction???,…control???…

Where He then is falsely intended to become,…

             OUR personal PUPPET,…WITH STRINGS OF GOLD,…this is an atrocity.

                           GOD TELLS US TO,….

                               “USE HIS GOLD,..BUT…DO NOT TOUCH HIS GLORY”

Men build monuments and denominations to honor themselves! NOT to HONOR GOD! We as believer’s,…as Christian’s,…as follower’s?…ARE THE ONLY TRUE CHURCH…the BODY of CHRIST. PERIOD.

A “church”,…or a “body”,…WHICH HAS NO WALLS with and or in, which to CONFINE, and ENCLOSE…or, ENTRAP,…through the Wrongful using of UNGODLY,…MAN MADE RULES,…for these rules are what are used (by man, and by satan) to (try to) “IMPRISON” us as free believers.

Man made rules concerning the freedom which has been given us through Jesus,…will not allow us to be “spiritually” imprisoned. NOT ANY MAN. NOT EVER,…AGAIN!

JESUS CAME TO “SET THE CAPTIVES FREE. Who exactly are the CAPTIVES??? THE ONES WHO ORGANIZED (UNORGANIZED) RELIGION HAS PLACED IN CHAINS….JESUS SAYS,……WHO THE SON MAKES FREE,….IS FREE INDEED. Indeed? As a matter of fact…You can’t get much more clear than that right there, do ya???

HE GOES on to say,…Why would we “CHOOSE” to go BACK INTO “BONDAGE?”

HE means, quite simply,…PRISON…We are also told by Jesus that…

THE HOLY SPIRIT DOES NOT “LIVE OR,…DWELL OR,…STAY IN A “BUILDING”,…BUILT WITH MANS HANDS AND (GOD’S SPIRIT) DOES NOT IN A BUILDING MADE OF STONE AND WOOD (or for this new generation,..steel either)…yet so many blindly look for God in a building with carpeted floors and nicely padded benches,…where most times,…the doors of “this kind of building” are only open TWO DAYS A WEEK (with the exception of weddings and funerals),…is God not just a bit bigger than this???

He knows that I, “FOR ONE”….Truly Believe so. And also,…I SURE DO, “HOPE SO”, as well,…

YET SO MANY OF US HUMANS (BELIEVERS INCLUDED),…believe this lie to so easily be viewed as being the truth??? EVEN WHEN IT IS IN direct opposition to JESUS’ VERY OWN WORDS???,…..(I ask these type of people,…Do we have ANY IDEA at all what it is,…and who IT IS???,…that (WHO?) we SAY that we BELIEVE IN???

As a question, I ask this, is this “really” who we as believers have become,… as God’s children???, God’s family???

Is this the best we can do??? Is this a bi-product of our thankfulness??? Or, it a direct result of our “UN-THANKFULLNESS??? Or,…could there be so much more to it? Perhaps many, many, many, small things that have added up over the years???

When we say God Bless America???

Do we say this because we see WHO we and WHAT we have become as Americans????? And as “believer’s”???? As, “Christians???” If your answer was yes, then I have to say that I completely understand. And I would I also agree with your point of view. Because it is honest….and correct. But,…ALL of what I JUST said,…Whether it is TRUE or NOT, HAS ABSOLUTELY “NOTHING” TO DO WITH WHAT “I MYSELF” BELIEVE EACH AND EVERYDAY OF “MY” LIFE….

No matter how bad things are in America,…or in the entire world in general,…my faith, as is any and all of yours as believers, up to each and every one of us. And that is why it is called the “good news”,…WE AS BELIEVER’S ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE “PILLAR AND GROUND OF TRUTH”

After all,…we all know this next part to have been proven to be true,…which is this,…WE HAVE GOT TO STAND FOR SOMETHING,…OR ELSE,…WE WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING.

WHAT WILL WE CHOOSE TO STAND FOR?  Or should I tell you that I love you all, and I’ll for sure see you,…next fall.

I got this definition from google’s dictionary,…this is the very last one in a long list of definitions,…

The Body of Christian believers. Those who profess Jesus, the Christ, to be their Lord and their Savior, who live by His grace, pray in His name, and follow His example.

And then these were thrown it with the definition as well,…they are labels,..(added by man).and mean nothing to me…  There are four marks of the Church: she is One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic


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