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It is only honest to ask ourselves this question, which is, ”as parents, how do we know “how?” GOD WANTS US TO LOVE OUR OWN CHILDREN????? HE wants us to love as HE LOVES US ALL, AS THE IMPERFECT HUMANS WHICH WE ALL ARE…which is this,…

He loves and accepts totally and completely as who we are as humans,…And HIS LOVE is not based on any kind of thing that we could ever do to impress Him, (this is called GOD’S GRACE, which can also be called, His LOVING KINDNESS) there is nothing that we can do to impress the GOD who made the heavens and the earth (WE COULD AND CAN NEVER DO ENOUGH FOR HIM TO LOVE US BASED ON WHAT “GOOD THINGS” WE DO), not to mention a whole buttload of other cool stuff!

He even made the PLATYPUS!!!,…Have you ever seen a platypus????,……….

Let me try to do my best to use my words to describe this one,…..even though this will be quite a challenge,….here goes,…

…we’ll start this off with a beaver’s body and tail (a fur bearing mammal, got that?) Now, let’s give it four huge feet that look they came straight from a duck! Webbed feet, that is,…

ok, now while we’re at it, lets give it an enormous bill,….yup, just like a duck has???,….if you are remotely familiar with beavers and ducks, then you can see this thing, right?!,…(FUNKY, huh???)…….so let’s keep goin with the visual, just for fun,……….

Now, let’s have it lay eggs, big eggs! You know any MAMMALS that lay eggs???,…”I didn’t think so”,…Now, let’s have it nurse it’s babies with milk,…know any ducks with nipples???,…No? me neither,…

Kinda trippy, huh????,…now, since he probably gets harrassed alot, lets go ahead and give it a highly toxic venemous bite…And, I’m pretty sure that it has a pouch like a kangaroo to carry it’s babies in,………there you go. Can you see it clearly?

It’s a one-of-kind,……which is how I feel most of the time ,….so, I gotta ask, can you really see this thing?

so,…i ask this,…just what are we gonna, or, better yet, what do we think we could do, NO MATTER HOW UNIQUE IT IS, OR WE MAY THINK IT IS, to impress the GOD that made everything that exists, including humans, and, the platypus??????

My answer is this,…NOTHING. Period. We don’t have to…He simply loves us, UNCONDITIONALLY! Why? Because this is God’s divine nature. Not our nature. total and complate unconditional forgiveness is His nature.

SO,…THERE’S THE ANSWER,…You see, when JESUS died on the cross 2000 years ago, without going into all of the details why, at this moment anyway, he made every human forever accepted/acceptable by GOD,…

There is nothing we can do to earn this love (grace),…and there is nothing that we can do bad enough to lose it!!!!! (total and complete forgiveness) Let these things sink in when you read about them, and will then see God clearly as He wants us to see Him. As we NEED to SEE HIM,………..

My little children, no matter what, ARE ALWAYS GOING TO BE MY CHILDREN! GOD IS ALWAYS HERE FOR US!!! And I will always be their daddy. GOD says that He will NEVER LEAVE US or FORSAKE US!!! Meaning He is always going to be our daddy,……

…I hold my kids in my lap whenever they come to me,…whether they’re clean, or covered in fuckin mud!!!!!! And I hold them close even more-so,…when I KNOW THAT THEY ARE HURTING!!!

So simple, yet beautiful…are you startin to see yourself through GOD’s EYES YET???!!!!!! Okay, a little more,….the Holy Bible says, WHEN OUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN THEY ARE BROUGHT UP NO MORE, (EVER!!!!),…….not by GOD anyway!!! The past, in fact, is the past,…But, I will tell you this though!!! Satan will remind us all of any bad thing that we have ever done if he thinks it is something that he can use to show us what fuck-ups we are!!! As well as show us our personal histories to let us know how worthless and unworthy we are!!! It’s the oldest trick in the book.

Worthless,….unworthy,……you see it clear as a bell, right,…..

To the RELIGIOUS LEADERS from long ago that told people they had to DO THINGS to (EARN) their (relationship???) With GOD,……

Who also made them ”GIVE THEIR MONEY” to them, the false/greedy rulers,… so that they, the people who needed and wanted forgiveness,….could BUY, at an unfair and highly escalated price,…the sacrificial animals used in the yearly religious ceremonies,…because without the bloodshed of these ”sacrifices” the people’s sins couldn’t be forgiven,….

JESUS said,…THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO ONE WHO IS ”WORTHY”,…NO,”NOT ONE OF YOU”!!!!! All of you are in the ”same boat!!!!”,….but I love you all the same.

You, Me,…WE,….are all SINNERS in GOD’s eyes!!! No matter who you/we are, or what you have done in your life (GOOD OR BAD),…and all are now made completely and totally acceptable!!! We simply have to believe, reach out, and receive…all for free,…paid in full…..welcome,…..home

Today is the first day of the rest of your forever,……

copyright all rights reserved john doe/john e doe


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