CLIFF DIVING,…into solid rock,…

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CLIFF DIVING,…into solid rock. GRAVITY KILLS…and the race is on…………….

by johnedoe

Here I am again….AT ANOTHER OF THE MANY CROSSROADS OF MY LIFE…wondering if saying anything, or something, in today’s world is even worth saying at all?

It’s too easy to want to believe that most of us only hear what we want to, and choose to,…….I feel that we absolutely love to believe lies……….

Now, the reason that I say this, is simply because, this is what I “see”,…and have “seen” with my own eyes…….

Perhaps my eyes are just whimsically playing tricks on me??? Just for fun? Perhaps not????? Why is that we only believe, for the most part,…what we want to? Maybe in doing so, we can “continue” to deny our insane, destructive, selfish behaviors, and patterns……and, If so, we sadly and quite literally, as well as tragically, grow “lonelier”, and “colder” everyday……

Losing what we truly “need” and “want” in the process…We can’t have our cake and eat it too, right? If I had my life to live over again, which obviously, I don’t, but “if” I did, have my “choices” as to the things and situations that I allowed to change and affect my life for the worse,…what would I be doing right now? my answer is based on what I know now,…that I didn’t know then…..

I know exactly what I would be doing, and where I would be.

I would be living in the middle of the Oklahoma woods. Where I would just be living a life that would be as basic, and or, as simple as possible. How I would have loved to been “there” as I watched my children grow. Spending time with them doing the things that I loved so much as a child, myself…

But, you see,…I was,…and have been,….and may still continue to be a fool. The worst kind of fool……this I know.

A true fool,…is a person who “knows better”, but still doesn’t care…..

My choice. My crossroads….ho hum……

Having seen and experienced what I have in this life,…..I consider most of things that we “value” to be a complete and total….life wasting joke. I really do. just sayin……

I say this honestly, not hatefully,…I think that we are rather pathetic. From what I see in today’s world, we are “living” the “nightmares” that we have created in our lives. “Especially” here in America…….

Once, we had it “all” so good…had, past tense… one time. A time that is now,…long gone…

Time waits for no one, you know?

Yet then, something happened??? What is the what??? I believe, among other things, that we chose to become too greedy. Period.

Yup,…the old saying about “keeping up with the Joneses” came from somewhere, didn’t it? Do you think someone was just bored when they came up with that phrase? Was the phrase stupid and meaningless??? If so, why did so, so, so many people commit it to memory,…as well as speak it forth in it’s accepted and understood daily usage??? Truth, is in that phrase, that’s why.

Now, today,…here we are,…and now it’s time to pay the fiddler. But what do we have to pay him with? We may be better off giving that one particular question some serious thought,…unless, of course, we want to end up on our deathbeds drooling like idiots.

So, I wonder, I “really do” wonder…Do we even want to take the mystery out of the train wreck??? Do we even “see” the train wreck? Or, do we want to “think” that all is fine and dandy??? The “evidence” suggests that we may wanna, …”think” again. Will we admit what “we” have made of this world and make changes for the better??? Or do we just plan on running the continued race towards the cliff of our stupidity? Selfishness our chosen and popular and accepted “god”…trying to fulfill our own destinies?

Will we choose to do this, “while”, in turn we destroy the destiny of the simple man?,…and destroy them and theirs, ten times over than what we stand to gain?…

Sadly, I ask this, not pessimistically, from what evidence I see presented before me, “here” and “now” in this life,…our lives,…we are choosing the cliff………..or at the very least, we sure do “appear” to be…. And evidence demands a verdict,…..doesn’t it?

We are supposed to be, at least we refer to ourselves as…”intelligent” beings…..”?????”…..I don’t know about all that…. I challenge anyone to convince me that this hollow assumption may have substance to it. I think “vain and empty” are much more appropriate and earned terms to use for our “self” description.

Humans? Intelligent???…We,…scare me…

So,…does what I just wrote seem to be harsh and dark? I reread it just now…and all I see is truth. So,…”Where” do we “Go” from here??? Because, as bad as I hate to be the bearer of BAD NEWS, fact is, we are ABSOLUTELY GOING SOMEWHERE…

Perhaps we are going “cliff diving?”…Let me remind you that there is no water at the base of the cliff that we seem to be rushing towards,…and, by the way,…gravity kills.

Okey Dokey…yup, I’m at the crossroads…again…now I just gotta make sure I’m not standing in the middle of the intersection at rush hour while “all” the lights turn green…or, “brighter” green?…

The race is on, folks…and has been on for some time now. has it been TOO ON, FOR TOO LONG???

SO, I ASK ONE LAST QUESTION,…Where are “we” racing to???

  1. Woody Stone says:

    I beg to differ with you on one small point. It is not “gravity” or the fall that kills us, it is the sudden stop at the bottom. It is “gravity” that propels us downward, but the fall itself is pleasant, elating, and rather uplifting to our emotions and senses when we don’t consider where we are headed. We are glad for the relief from the “drudgery” of standing upon our own feet and propelling ourselves along through our own efforts. Just letting nature have its way with us – allowing current politics to supply us with money, phones, housing, food, etc. – letting the power-hunger of the political elite carry us downward in an ecstasy of easy living, saying, come on, give me more. The cliff has a bottom. Freedom has a bottom. Free stuff, is the enticement to allow “gravity” to have free access to our life and drive us to our doom.

    I don’t know if that is what you were getting at, but I just had a desire to vent a little.

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