#2 FORGIVENESS, the new trend,…

Posted: November 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

#2 FORGIVENESS the new trend…

by johnedoe


     What an UNPOPULAR word forgiveness is…It’s just something that seems to just set wrong with so many of us as humans…In my opinion (and personal experience) the reason that I believe it is so unpopular, is this. actually, this is just one of my thoughts that I based upon looking inside of myself and how I felt at one time, or another in my life….       In part, I believe that if we try to convince ourselves that we do not have to forgive someone,….that it makes us stronger,…in essence, it falsely defends and protects us!

Or, it “helps”, BY TRYING TO CONVINCE US to think that “un forgiveness” will, keep us from falling apart!!! OR, SO WE MAY THINK???

IN REALITY, continued un forgiveness, is the equivalent of DRINKING POISON EVERY DAY,…..

Un-Forgiveness is like a “CANCER of the SOUL”,…and it eats us up from the inside, out!,…

JESUS says,…..”those who’s wrong doing (sins) that you “keep INSIDE of you”, then these sins, by your choice, WILL BE kept inside of you,……but, those whose WRONG doings (sins) that you forgive (let go of and GET THEM OUT from inside of you!!!, these harbored memories of bad things that eat at us,….WILL BE REMOVED (TAKEN AWAY/FORGIVEN). now, in doing this (forgiving) , You will, NO LONGER BE LIVING IN THE PAST!!! Nor cursed by it!!!…AND THAT IS WHERE WE FIND FREEDOM

  1. Woody Stone says:

    I agree. Forgiveness is more to our own advantage than to the advantage of those we forgive. The sinner is still accountable to God for their choices and sin, even when we forgive them; but through unforgiveness we enter into, and get mired in, their accountability.

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