BIG MONKEYS,…little monkeys,…

Posted: November 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

by johnedoe

We are such pattern creatures. This is a proven fact, whether we like it or not. My motto is this, “BIG MONKEYS RAISE LITTLE MONKEYS.” Any, and EVERY child Is AFFECTED by the ATTITUDES and the ACTIONS of their parents. (myself included) In other words,….
There is something that people refer to as, a generational CURSE. The keyword here is, CURSE… In this context, the word CURSE can be explained as being much like a “PARENTAL PLAGUE.”
In The BIBLE, God says it this way,…
The SINS of the FATHER’S (parents)…WILL BE visited upon the CHILDREN…
The keyword in this statement is VISITED,…which lets us, know, that these things don’t stay. (like a really bad tattoo!) But, there is hope yet. Read on…
Simply, if these children, DO NOT, find a new, and healthy way (or ways) that will enable them to do things differently than their parents did, then, the children end up doing the same destructive things that their parents did.
They are, and have been, poisoned by the same venomous ATTITUDES of those CLOSEST TO them…and who is the closest to a newborn child? OUR PARENTS…for, they, are our role models,…
(When an adult child becomes aware that they are and have been mimicking their parents actions which caused them so much pain on “their own” children,…then “self loathing” can become a very real, and very destructive reality!) a prison…
When it comes to the word, SINS, it means our parents behavior and thoughts are jacked up! not good…NOT GODLY. Just selfish, immature, human actions and attitudes.
I have seen myself do, and or, begin to do, things that my father did in my life…and these were things that,…I HATED. Another scripture says this,….
This is right(eous) and this is GOOD,…this is GODLY… Now what do we do if our parents DID NOT raise us UP in Godly ways??? What do we do then?
I have had many close friends that have said that they, HATE, their parents. Having gotten to know my friends quite well,…I don’t believe that my friends actually, HATED, their parents, I think they hated the, WAYS, in which their parents raised them.
The WORST part about this is, and may be this….
The child (YOUNG ADULT/ADULT/etc…) Now has what’s referred to in the bible as,…
Hardness of heart and BITTERNESS towards their parents. Anger, resentment, hate, etc, etc, lack of happiness, lack of tenderness, lack of trust, lack of closeness, lack of love, Godly love, real love,…cursed now, to live life not quite completely…and broken…and wounded…and in pain…
Many times these feelings carry on and over into the child’s personal view of God,…or who they think that God is.
These children understand very well that the THINGS that their parents, DO, and, more so, DO NOT DO,…have hurt them SEVERELY. Poisoning them may be a better way of conveying what I am trying to now.
So, as I asked earlier, “NOW WHAT?”, How do the children break the vicious cycle, and end the curse???…It’s actually easy, and it’s the last thing that we as humans want to do? It is called, or known as forgiveness. (more in a while)
  1. Woody Stone says:

    Hi Johnny. In a “book” I am working on, I refer to the ‘parent/child’ relationship you are talking about, under the general title of “Example”. We can either accept the examples that are thrust upon us through family and/or circumstance (and follow and become like them); or we can use the authority and power God has given us, to choose different examples to mold our life around them [or (usually) adopt a combination of traits from others]. Adopting various traits from various people (usually and gratefully, Godly traits) worked to my advantage. Thankfully, some of those traits were adopted from my parents; but, whether strong or light influences, it is always OUR choice.

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