THE MILKMAN…john e doe

Posted: October 4, 2012 in christian, human

LONG AGO I WENT TO CHURCH WHEN I WAS A KID. I remember that they did what they referred to as an altar call,…otherwise known as an invitation. which meant if anyone wanted to come forward,…we could receive Jesus as our savior,…long story short, one day I went to the front. I was told that I was now,…saved.

I was then told that I should also be water baptized,…so,…I was. Then, after that,…uummmm,…well???? Nothin after that actually. And away I went. And I lived happily ever after.

You know? I almost don’t want to write anything else because I like the nice intro.

There is a whole lot more to happily ever after than my intro here,……..but that comes later,…….

  1. don says:

    I love Jesus and have taken him as my Lord and Savior – God bless you

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